PRF Thundersnow 2013

PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow is being held February 15th through the 18th, 2013 at Terrace Bay Inn in Gladstone, Michigan.

Thundersnow 2013

Thundersnow 2013

Check out this great video of Thundersnow 2013 shot and edited by Christopher Maury of Body Futures.

Compiled this video from various timelapses taken during Thundersnow 2013; at the Terrace Bay Inn & Suites in Gladstone, MI February 15-17, 2013. Also pictured are some basic experiments with frame-by-frame animation that were met with limited to mediocre results.

Poster was designed and printed by Andy Rench.
Soundtrack “Vikings” by Nonagon.

PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow Poster

PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow Schedule

On February 15th through Monday the 18th, 2013, the PRF heads north to the U.P. and will hold 2013’s first PRF BBQ. The event known as THUNDERSNOW will take place at Terrace Bay Inn, halfway between Escanaba and Gladstone, Michigan.

The lineup, subject to change is:

Friday Night

  • Jimmy Two Hands
  • The Redettes
  • The Gary
  • Karaoke/Dance Party


  • Rutabega
  • Transmontane
  • Sinking Suns
  • Body Futures
  • Victory and Associates
  • Glitter of Cohoes
  • Fake Limbs
  • Nonagon
  • The Columbines
  • Karaoke/Dance Party


  • (The Shining??)
  • The Paver
  • Witch’s Tit
  • Jap Herron
  • Book Burners
  • Bear Claw
  • The Gary
  • Retribution Gospel Choir

PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow Poster

PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow Poster

PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow Poster

Andrew Wrench designed a great looking poster for this winter’s BBQ in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The poster is a 3 color print on light blue paper and is available for $7. Contact the artist, or pick one up at the show!