PRFBBQ2011 was held at Quenchers Saloon and The Observatory Studios in Chicago, IL on June 23-26, 2011.

The Fearsome and Mammoth PRFBBQ2011 Video Playlist

On a weekend in June in the year 2011, a group of friends put on a three day music festival in the city of Chicago, and we filmed it all. Behold, the Fearsome and Mammoth PRFBBQ2011 Video Playlist which contains all 179 songs that were performed over the 3 day event running a little over 12 hours of music.

If you don’t want to watch it all in order, head on over to youtube and select RANDOM for the playlist queue. It is highly recommended.

The Blind Shake Live at PRFBBQ2011

The Blind Shake explode live at The Observatory in Chicago, IL as part of the PRFBBQ2011. For more info on the band, please visit and purchase everything they have ever recorded, you will not be disappointed.

Full Set

Here’s a couple more videos posted by Colin.

Mp3 Downloads

Zip Folder [51 MB]

  1. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 01
  2. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 02
  3. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 03
  4. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 04
  5. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 05
  6. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 06
  7. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 07
  8. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 08
  9. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 09
  10. The Blind Shake – PRFBBQ2011 – 10

The Infrasonics Live at PRFBBQ2011

The Infrasonics perform live at The Observatory in Chicago, IL as part of the PRFBBQ2011. With an absent Matt Engstrom, Steve and I ordered a couple of cheap Russian laborers from a catalog, and forced them to learn every song from the PRF Songwriting Challenge. Vladimir and Igor, who were formerly Soviet Officers for the Russian Navy on a 941 Akula Typhoon Class submarine in Lake Chany near Novoyablonovka, Novosibirskaya oblast, Russian Federation, took quickly to these, the songs of the PRF. They were fed porridge and mp3’s and were only allowed to leave the studio to go to the туалет and the хомяк магазине. They did well and are now currently back home melting down old aluminum submarine parts to make instruments from.

In this set are awesome songs by 2207, Max Benson and PEPPER! For more info on the band, and to go where the music sounds nothing like this, please visit

Mp3 Downloads

Zip Folder [51 MB]

  1. 1974 – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  2. Allergy To Consciousness – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  3. Watchman – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  4. 5 Star Nose Mole – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  5. Sports Captain – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  6. Saturday Night – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011


This summer rocked my old ass off.

Well, it started out that way. I had an unexpected amount of free time that became available just as Police Teeth rolled thru the Midwest. “Awesomer Than The Devil” blew my rock and roll paradigm to pieces, and is still holding steady at the top spot of the 2011 new elpee list I am constantly updating in my brain. I’d found out about Police Teeth thru D.j. Hostettler, the drummer for noise maniacs ifihadahifi. D.j. also was the guy who turned me on to the Electrical Audio board, and, consequently, the PRFBBQ.

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