Shows of note from PRF Bands in Chicago and throughout the world.

Laura A Lionello’s Panic Kit Book Release Show

On Saturday, September 17th, 2011, friends gathered for the celebration of the release of Panic Kit, Laura A. Lionello’s breakout collection of poetry, showcases the author’s deft hand and mastery of voice in dealing with universal themes and truths, such as joy, heartache, loss, suffering, and triumph.

To help celebrate the achievement, Begin By Gathering Supplies, The Columbines, and Mayor For Life performed, and all welcomed Laura on stage to read selections from Panic Kit.

You can buy Panic Kit on Amazon and find Panic Kit on Facebook. Some of you may notice the familiar looking artwork on the cover, it was made by our very own Renee Robbins.

The Columbines

Laura reads in the first video, and the last video of the set.

Begin By Gathering Supplies

Laura reads at the end of the first video.

Mayor For Life

Laura reads the second video of the set.

It’s Halloween Night, New Video from The Cell Phones!

Are you ready for Halloween??? The Cell Phones are! A follow up to last fall’s It’s Halloween! (A Haunted House Soundtrack), which you can buy at bandcamp for the odd price of $6.66, the video for It’s Halloween Night is funny and spooky, and filled with awesomeness.

You really should learn more about this great Chicago band. Check them out at the following places: The Cell Phones on Facebook, The Cell Phones on Bandcamp, and really, not to be missed, The Cell Phones Live at PRF Auktoberfest 2010 where they tore the place up!

An Evening At Cal’s

Saturday, September 10th, 2011 we took to the empty west loop streets of Chicago for an evening of music, drinking, and dive bar revelry. Underneath the turn of the elevated loop train tracks lies a bar that time has seemed to have forgotten about, Cal’s Bar. On the ticket was the first, and possibly last performance of Gay Name, a group made up of members of The Columbines and Empire State Troopers. Next up was your friend and mine, Jimmy Two Hands, followed by The Heavy Bombers and Whales, who featured guest keyboardist Matt!

Gay Name

Jimmy Two Hands

The Heavy Bombers


Life on Mercury Live at Deagan Music

Behold the first live performance of Life on Mercury, the solo project from Rich Fessler of Bear Claw and Mayor For Life. The performance took place at the DIY Venue, Deagan Music, on Saturday August 13th, 2011 as part of Solofest which included 8 experimental, noise, and ambient acts.

The name of the piece is Absence and is actually a shortened version of the piece which was originally about 50 minutes long.