PRFBBQ2010 Poster by Jay Ryan / Bird Machine

Jay Ryan at The Bird Machine, a screenprint shop located in Skokie, Illinois diesigned and printed the poster for the PRFBBQ2010. Each one of the handsigned, 255 posters include inside jokes that only the most cleverest forum lurkers will get. There are a few remaining, you can get one here.

PRF Singles Club Poster

PRF Singles Club Poster by Colonel Panic

PRF Singles Club Poster

Forum member Colonel Panic designed and printed this cool poster for the introduction of the PRF Singles Club. The poster, which features all 48 bands on the 8 Quarter Record Club, was first displayed at the PRF Auktoberfest 2010 at Klas Restaurant in Cicero, IL.

There are a limited number of posters left that Panic will be selling at the PRF Auktoberfest 2011, with all proceeds going to charity. Be sure to stop by the merch table to pick up yours!