Grant National

Stoner metal is entirely too narrow a niche. Koln, Germany’s GRANT NATIONAL mix The Melvins, Black Sabbath, The Stooges, Sleep, the Cows and enough pop sensibility that your cool cousin might like them. Huge booming bass tones, super nasty crunchy dirty guitar blasts and outstanding Dale Crover-esque battering ram drumming set the mood and drive the air from your chest. The singer howls as his lungs are forced out between his teeth. The songs, oh the songs. Huge scorched titanium dinosaur skeletons tottering across a blasted wasteland, pausing briefly to snatch up slower moving mammals by the ears. No notes wasted, sometimes only one or two are needed. Each idea gets the treatment it deserves, pounded into the iron-hard ground, countersunk neatly, then left alone. I heard they were swell guys. I don’t know. All I know is that they came from Germany, and leveled Brooklyn that night. — motorbike guy

PRFSTIVAL UK 2012 Schedule

PRFstival UK 2012 Schedule and Tickets

The first ever PRF UK music festival is happening in two weeks! It will be one day long schedule of live music, but celebrations will be held throughout the weekend for anyone who wants a pint about town and the like.

Festivities are being held at Bristol County Sports Club, 40 Colston Street, Bristol, United Kingdom on Saturday, September 29, 2012. Music starts at 5 PM.

Tickets bought via Paypal and Bank Transfer cost £6 each. Any tickets left over will be on the door at £7. You can purchase PRFstival UK 2012 Tickets here. You can also pledge your social media support by checking out the PRFstival UK 2012 Facebook Event.


Check out this Bandcamp Sampler of the bands that are performing at PRFstival UK 2012:

She Ripped

Grant National Live at PRFBBQNYC2011

Grant National flew over from Germany to perform at the inaugural New York City BBQ, PRFBBQNYC2011. They performed a blazing set at the Secret Project Robot. Recordings and Live Sound by the impeccable Ryan Denmark Steele, Justin Foley, Evan Rowe, Boombats, and motorbike guy.

[jwplayer config=”Audio” playlistid=”828″ playlist.position=”right”]

MP3 Downloads

  1. 01 – Grant National – PRFBBQNYC2011
  2. 02 – Grant National – PRFBBQNYC2011
  3. 03 – Grant National – PRFBBQNYC2011
  4. 04 – Grant National – PRFBBQNYC2011
  5. 05 – Grant National – PRFBBQNYC2011
  6. 06 – Grant National – PRFBBQNYC2011

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