Kill Hatsumomo

Mayor For Life 7″ Record Release

Mayor For Life performs live at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, November 12th, 2011 to celebrate the record release of their Sinking Feeling​/​Snowmobiling 7″. Supporting Mayor For Life for the night were Marmora and Cmn ineed yr hlp.

The release is a 7″ Multicolored (Mostly Dark Green) Vinyl record that comes with screen printed artwork by Erin Page of Kill Hatsumomo Prints. The two songs were engineered, mixed, and mastered by Matt Engstrom in early 2011 at the Mayor For Life rehearsal space and Caffeinated Recordings.

You can purchase the Sinking Feeling​/​Snowmobiling 7″ in Vinyl and Digital Download at:

Higher Quality Videos Can be found on the Caffeinated Recordings Vimeo.