Kitchen Sink

PRFBBQ2012 Poster By Jay Ryan/Bird Machine

PRFBBQ2012 Schedule and Tickets

It’s time for the 4th Annual PRF BBQ. This years event, PRFBBQ2012 is sure to please with something like 40 bands from around the world.

Thursday night kicks off with a free mellow party at kitchen sink.

Friday night brings seven bands to the stage at Quenchers Saloon.

The Two Main event days will be held at Helium. These two days are BYOB and BYOF, though there may be both of each available there. The music will start at noon and go very late each night.

We are holding this event in memory of John Grabski of the band Teeth who lost his battle with cancer this year. Plans were in the works to fly Teeth to this year’s BBQ and to have them perform. He was robbed of the chance to do this. Ben Grabski and Brent Mix from Teeth, joined by Chris Besinger, Jeff Fox, Brian Pennington and Liz Bustamante formed Miscreant Seeds to perform John’s songs and close out the BBQ Sunday night.

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