New Album and Midwest Shows from Phantom Works

With two self-released singles and a live EP under their belt, Phantom Works have already been shaking it up with their frenetic take on this thing we call rock and roll. Cooked up in 2008 by three housemates and longtime friends in their Chicago home studio, a number of different influences help shape their sound. Midwest post-punk (The Jesus Lizard, Tar) at the roots, a healthy dash of So-Cal freak out (RFTC, Hot Snakes) along with their own experimental herbs and spices all serve to create a potent, magical, high-energy witches’ brew.

When all these elements come to a boil, things really start to pop and sizzle. Matt Seifert and Kris Poulin revel in their duality, as their guitar lines and vocals collide and intertwine with one another, while Drummer Jim Duffy pounds things out at the nucleus, creating a focal point to the swarming musical mélange. The nine wigged out songs on this record will simultaneously enthrall, excite, and enchant you, because this record has an allure and magnetism that simply will not be contained.

You can buy the Phantom Works Vinyl LP from Sick Room Records for $14, or a $10 digital download of the album from Phantom Work’s Bandcamp.

Don’t miss the band’s upcoming show in the Midwest. They will be doing a free in-store at saki, which is at 3716 W. Fullerton in Chicago on Friday, January 6th. On the 7th, they move up to Milwaukee for a Saturday night show at the Circle A Cafe, followed by a Sunday night farewell at Quenchers in Chicago on the 8th.


This summer rocked my old ass off.

Well, it started out that way. I had an unexpected amount of free time that became available just as Police Teeth rolled thru the Midwest. “Awesomer Than The Devil” blew my rock and roll paradigm to pieces, and is still holding steady at the top spot of the 2011 new elpee list I am constantly updating in my brain. I’d found out about Police Teeth thru D.j. Hostettler, the drummer for noise maniacs ifihadahifi. D.j. also was the guy who turned me on to the Electrical Audio board, and, consequently, the PRFBBQ.

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Tom Stack Poster: The Blind Shake / Wereworm / Birthday Suits

Tom Stack, the man behind stackmatic, drummer for the 3 guitar Milwaukee band Wereworm, and designer at the Flinchy T Shirt Company, designed this poster for what appears to be a fantastic show in the fine state to our north.

The screen printed poster consists of 2 screens on 100 pound, light blue Mr. French paper and measures 19 x 12.5 inches. Printed with Sara Parker at The Bird Machine in Skokie. There are copies available for sale here.

Mr Stack is also a fantastic painter, be sure to check out his website at view his work.