After cutting their teeth in various hardcore/punk bands (No Slogan, Ultratumbados, Fatal Flaw, Egan’s Rats) the members of Population convened in a basement in the fabulous Pilsen district of Chicago around 2009 to follow their dream: to revisit the lost world of 80s underground Goth Death Rock. What came forth was a demo-tape and eventually a seven-inch that breathed new life into a sound that is as in debt to bands like Joy Division and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry as it is their own past. Since then, Population has played and toured relentlessly bringing a new sound from under the floorboards of days gone by. They are as “Chicago” as any punk band could possibly be; to put a fine point on it the only way this band could be more “Chicago” is if they played to overweight cops in front of a sports team that choked at the last second. — Sowley