PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow Poster

PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow Poster

PRFBBQ2013 Thundersnow Poster

Andrew Wrench designed a great looking poster for this winter’s BBQ in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The poster is a 3 color print on light blue paper and is available for $7. Contact the artist, or pick one up at the show!

PRF Auktoberfyst 2011 Poster by Chris Williams at Plastic Flame

Chris Williams from Plastic Flame Press returns in fine form with another festival poster for the PRF Auktoberfyst 2011.

The Poster is four screens on 80 lbs French Madero Beach. It measures 12.5″x19″, and is an edition of 50. Interested parties can arrange for purchase at or hope to get one at the show.

A description of the poster, from the artist himself:

I think Jonah had said something about Bradley needing a statue erected in his honor, so I thought about trying to create a stately portrait of a hunter with his collection. A viking fish named Thor, a pipe smoking owl, a mini T. Rex and a Christmas cheetah. The request to have “Genuine strength manifests itself as quiet resolve” incorporated helped seal the deal.

Notes: the fish was originally a piranha, the cheetah the ghost of a grizzly bear and the T Rex a greyhound; the owl has been around since the initial sketch for no apparent reason.

Tom Stack Poster: The Blind Shake / Wereworm / Birthday Suits

Tom Stack, the man behind stackmatic, drummer for the 3 guitar Milwaukee band Wereworm, and designer at the Flinchy T Shirt Company, designed this poster for what appears to be a fantastic show in the fine state to our north.

The screen printed poster consists of 2 screens on 100 pound, light blue Mr. French paper and measures 19 x 12.5 inches. Printed with Sara Parker at The Bird Machine in Skokie. There are copies available for sale here.

Mr Stack is also a fantastic painter, be sure to check out his website at view his work.