The Bitter Tears

Looking at the The Bitter Tears is like looking straight into the soul of America. If Shakespeare were to pen lyrics about roadside truck stops, frat boys, family dinners, television, and hobo’s, there would be no need. However, he did not, and if he did, he would probably not layered in soul slaying drunken horns, perfectly executed shuffling drum beats, intricate harmonies, and I don’t think any one has ever though about duct taping an upright bass to themselves. Seek out these, The Bitter Tears, you will not be disappointed. — Jim

The PRF Radio Hour – August 13th, 2011

Bradley R. Weissenberger of the rock band .22 hosted an all PRF radio show this passed Saturday, August 13th, 2011 on 106.7 WRHC Radio Harbor Country in Grand Haven, MI from 9 to 11 PM. In addition, the show was streamed live on their website through out the digital land.

While the broadcast, with all it’s wacky comedy bits, and controversial topics of conversation was not saved, Mr. Weissenberger was kind enough to replicate the playlist on this PRF Radio Hour on Bandcamp page. Click through to enjoy a stream of great music.