The Infrasonics

“The Infrasonics will become a house hold name on Saturday night TV before 2020.” — 2207

PRF Singles Club Quarter 4

PRF Singles Club Quarter Four

Lake of Fake PRF Quarter 4 is a six song EP released on 45rpm vinyl. The EP is part of an eight record subscriber only series with 48 bands contributing music. Vinyl Rips were provided by forum member Motorbike Guy.


  • released 04 December 2012
  • Front Cover “our good friend snowder” by hench
  • Back Cover “Martiarella” by Charlie Pauken
  • Obi Designed by hench
  • With Tweaking and Printing by NoTimeForLove
  • Logo by Sleepkid
  • Cover Printed by Imprint
  • Inserts Printed by Enframing Press
  • Mastering: Chris Goosman – Baseline Audio
  • Records Pressed by Alpha
  • Audio Recording PRF 004

The Infrasonics Live at PRFBBQ2011

The Infrasonics perform live at The Observatory in Chicago, IL as part of the PRFBBQ2011. With an absent Matt Engstrom, Steve and I ordered a couple of cheap Russian laborers from a catalog, and forced them to learn every song from the PRF Songwriting Challenge. Vladimir and Igor, who were formerly Soviet Officers for the Russian Navy on a 941 Akula Typhoon Class submarine in Lake Chany near Novoyablonovka, Novosibirskaya oblast, Russian Federation, took quickly to these, the songs of the PRF. They were fed porridge and mp3’s and were only allowed to leave the studio to go to the туалет and the хомяк магазине. They did well and are now currently back home melting down old aluminum submarine parts to make instruments from.

In this set are awesome songs by 2207, Max Benson and PEPPER! For more info on the band, and to go where the music sounds nothing like this, please visit

Mp3 Downloads

Zip Folder [51 MB]

  1. 1974 – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  2. Allergy To Consciousness – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  3. Watchman – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  4. 5 Star Nose Mole – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  5. Sports Captain – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011
  6. Saturday Night – The Infrasonics – PRFBBQ2011

The PRF Radio Hour – August 13th, 2011

Bradley R. Weissenberger of the rock band .22 hosted an all PRF radio show this passed Saturday, August 13th, 2011 on 106.7 WRHC Radio Harbor Country in Grand Haven, MI from 9 to 11 PM. In addition, the show was streamed live on their website through out the digital land.

While the broadcast, with all it’s wacky comedy bits, and controversial topics of conversation was not saved, Mr. Weissenberger was kind enough to replicate the playlist on this PRF Radio Hour on Bandcamp page. Click through to enjoy a stream of great music.

A Caffeinated Compilation

A series of recordings of friends from the city of Chicago in the year 2010. It is quite an eclectic collection of music, though we are quite an eclectic group of friends.

We handmade a limited number of physical copies of this compilation that were given away at the PRF BBQ Winter Cauldron Series 2011 February 5th, 2011 at the Metropolis Coffee Roasting Garage in Chicago. Yes, Chris Hall got the single misprint. Videos of this event exist in the PRF Cauldron 2011 Category.

You can download the compilation for free at

Manual Labor by Matt, Vansassa, & Jim. Artwork by: Jim Ford.