The name does not imply anus, contrary to popular belief. However, the double penetration of bass tones — led by two very prolific finger-men — will leave you breathless and aching for more. — caix

PRF Singles Club Quarter 3

PRF Singles Club Quarter Three

Lake of Fake PRF Quarter 3 is a six song EP released on 45rpm vinyl. The EP is part of an eight record subscriber only series with 48 bands contributing music. Vinyl Rips were provided by forum member Motorbike Guy.


  • Released 11 November 2011
  • Mastering: Chris Goosman – Baseline Audio
  • Cover Art by Heather Smith
  • Back Cover by Josh Cool
  • Obi design: Hench with tweaking and printing by No Time for Love
  • Logo designed by Sleepkid
  • Cover printed by Imprint
  • Insert printed by Enframing Press
  • Records pressed by Dosado.

A Caffeinated Compilation

A series of recordings of friends from the city of Chicago in the year 2010. It is quite an eclectic collection of music, though we are quite an eclectic group of friends.

We handmade a limited number of physical copies of this compilation that were given away at the PRF BBQ Winter Cauldron Series 2011 February 5th, 2011 at the Metropolis Coffee Roasting Garage in Chicago. Yes, Chris Hall got the single misprint. Videos of this event exist in the PRF Cauldron 2011 Category.

You can download the compilation for free at https://caffeinatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/.

Manual Labor by Matt, Vansassa, & Jim. Artwork by: Jim Ford.