Waxeater are assholes with hearts of gold. Behind their sneering, menacing klang lurks understated hooks and melodies, and the occasional huge Taco Riff. They’re the kind of guys that will toss you an icepack and light your cigarette after they blacken both of your eyes. While there are obvious similarities to bands your older brother used to like, this is aluminum beard rock that engages as much as it obliterates. — J. Burns


This summer rocked my old ass off.

Well, it started out that way. I had an unexpected amount of free time that became available just as Police Teeth rolled thru the Midwest. “Awesomer Than The Devil” blew my rock and roll paradigm to pieces, and is still holding steady at the top spot of the 2011 new elpee list I am constantly updating in my brain. I’d found out about Police Teeth thru D.j. Hostettler, the drummer for noise maniacs ifihadahifi. D.j. also was the guy who turned me on to the Electrical Audio board, and, consequently, the PRFBBQ.

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