Jodi Shapiro’s Photos from PRFBBQ2011

Join us on a trip through the PRFBBQ2011 through the eyes of New York Photographer Jodi Shapiro as she travels through the people and places of Chicago. For more info, please visit

  • Vansassa!
  • Radiant Republic of Texas.
  • Dan of Radiant Republic of Texas.
  • Brian of Radiant Republic of Texas.
  • Eliya of Radiant Republic of Texas.
  • Kelly Murphy of Empire State Troopers.
  • Chris H.
  • Ryan D. is Transmontane.
  • Liz B. knows something you don't.
  • Andy H. of Maple Stave.
  • Sowley at rest.
  • Typical BBQ nature morte.
  • Mark H.
  • Jim B., renaissance man.
  • Evan R. of Maple Stave.
  • Patrick W. advertises.
  • Chris H. advertises.
  • Faiz R.
  • Mark Hamilton, AKA "Lupe"
  • Mark Hamilton, AKA "Roy"
  • Brett Ralph plays guitar.
  • The holy trinity.
  • Sowley is feeling happy.
  • Brent Mix
  • Richy Boyer
  • Pete and Dan of The Hype!
  • Stephen Sowley
  • View from the Observatory rooftop
  • Chris and James of Police Teeth
  • Richy of Police Teeth
  • Adam and Richy of Police Teeth
  • Fake Limbs inagural gig set list.
  • Stephen Sowley of Fake Limbs

All Images Copyright 2011 Jodi Shapiro.

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