She Ripped

Jodi Shapiro’s Photos from PRFBBQNYC2011

Join us on a trip through the PRFBBQNYC2011 through the eyes of New York Photographer Jodi Shapiro. For more info, please visit

  • Mario Asaro mans the DJ booth.
  • Tim Wright and Liz Bustamante.
  • Brett with bandanna.
  • Brett Eugene Ralph, Diane Williams, Matt Hunter.
  • Ryder McNair, guest guitarist Matt Sweeney, and Jamie Daniels.
  • Ryder McNair, guest guitarist David Grubbs, Jamie Daniels, and John Houlihan.
  • Brett in the spotlight.
  • Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Revue.
  • Dominic C. of The Phantom Family Halo.
  • Nonagon rocks the house.
  • Joesepi plays guitar.
  • Mike U. always looks like he stepped out of the 70s, and it rules.
  • Brett R. is secure enough in his masculinity to wear big rings and nail varnish.
  • Brett R. says "HA!"
  • John H. is tired. Real tired.
  • Liz B. considers entering.
  • Clocker Bob...or is it?
  • The infamous Twitter wall.
  • The Austerity Program practices in the freezing cold outside Secret Project Robot.

All Images Copyright 2011 Jodi Shapiro.

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