Life On Mercury Live at PRF Auktoberfyst 2011

Samuel Poker Face Hayworth - Life On Mercury Poster

Limited Edition Poster by Erin Armstrong of Kill Hatsumomo Prints

Life on Mercury’s Rich Fessler is joined by Nicole Miller on Theremin to perform A Fast Death in Slow Motion which is about a fictional character from the 1800′s who commits a bank robbery and murder and after he is caught he is sentenced to be hanged. The theremin was the soul of the individual and Rich’s sounds were the cause of death, the rope, the last breath, the fading of consciousness, the brain fading away and slipping into death’s dark grasp. Here’s the story of Samuel “Poker Face” Hayworth…

“On the 1st day of October 1884, Samuel “Poker Face” Hayworth is to be hanged for an attempted bank robbery and the murder of William P. Worthington. Samuel Hayworth was also wanted for committing multiple bank robberies and the possible murder of Jeb Williams. Samuel Hayworth was born on the 17th day of June 1853 and has no known survivors to mention. A brief memorial service will be held at Klas Restaurant.”

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