Benefit Concert for Occupy Wall Street

Members of the PRF are putting on a benefit concert for Occupy Wall Street. Friday, November 4th. Simultaneously at Don Pedro, 90 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York AND Caffeinated Recordings in Chicago, Illinois. $10 donation at the door, or bring things needed.


DJ Mario spinning the songs of revolution. Live feed between NY and Chicago shows. Twitter Wall! Win a Rusty Box from Tronographic! More TBA!

New York Live Feed

Chicago Live Feed

One Response to “Benefit Concert for Occupy Wall Street”

  1. BillyBob

    It was good the whole night, interesting, provocative music…
    and then came the – I can’t bear to even spell out the word…
    You know, the sea creature that we call calamari when we eat it? Starts with an O.

    That was repeatedly screamed and grunted ad naseum until I was forced to mute the show!
    It went on for many minutes, just that one word screamed at irregular intervals and the most boring bass line imaginable. How many times did that guy scream that word, ayway, like 666 times or somthing?

    Yup, you defeated me, the avant garde and experimental noise composition aficionado that I believe myself to be, I thought I could take anything, but your tuneless monotony made me tune out.
    Thanks for the show, and goodnight.



  1.  The Cell Phones Live at Caffeinated Recordings
  2.  White Mystery Live at Caffeinated Recordings

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