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PRFBBQ 2021 will be virtual this year, and submissions are open!

Through the power and savvy of of Fuzzbox DJs, the BBQ will be streaming across the weekend of July 8th-11th, 2021.

Submit your fresh video content to:

Could be one song, could be a whole set. 20 minutes max.

Submission deadline: June 14th.

Don’t quit!

PRF Virtual Thundersnow 2021

PRF VIRTUAL THUNDERSNOW 2021 – February 19-21

…Because you really don’t want Thunderflu this year


Zoom faces! Zoom dancing! Twitch tunes! You know how we do it in These Uncertain Times™️. We’re putting together a weekend of PRF Thundersnow-themed programming and we need YOU! Check back here for the Twitch stream info, Zoom rooms, schedule, and other news!

**Email your submission ideas to**

We want to hear from you, but we also want you to be safe. Pre-recorded sets of up to 20 minutes are welcome, but we implore you to keep your masked, socially distanced safety in mind! If you can’t perform in the same room together safely, we will also accept:

• Zoom-style separate room music vids like all those famous rockers are doing this year! You like FAMOUS ROCKERS, don’t you? Cover sets or original sets, we don’t care!

• Solo sets! You wanna submit something by yourself? Acoustic love ballads or bleep bloop soundscapes? Fuckin’ cool, do it!

• Previously created material! Have an old live set filmed somewhere, or a collection of old videos? We’ll take it!

Point being: If you can’t get together safely with your band right now, YOU CAN STILL CONTRIBUTE with whatever you’ve got. We wanna see your faces! Can’t do music? Not in a band? No fucking problem!


• Comedy? (Hi Tony and Kate)

• Magic? (Hi Justin)

• Do a cooking demo and teach us how to make something like a pastry or a winter cocktail!

• Sing us some fuggin’ KARAOKE! If we get enough of them, we’ll have a whole karaoke segment! Sing along to “Space Truckin’!” It’s fine! You’re an adult!

• Please email us photos from Thunders-snow of yore!

• Other talents! Juggle something! Read a Thundersnow themed prose! Share a winter activity! Just say hi!

Again, email your questions, ideas and submissions to and let’s get weird!

More to come! Don’t Quit! –Dixie, DJ, Jesse, Emily, Josh

*Postponed* PRFBBQ2020 – July 9-12

POSTPONED until 2021 due to COVID-19. Don’t quit (try again later). Take care of each other!


PRF BBQ 2020 is July 9-12 in Chicago. Tell your buds.

July 9 (Thursday): Location TBA
July 10 (Friday): Workshop 4200 – Wholesome Radio stage
July 11 (Saturday): Workshop 4200
July 12 (Sunday): Workshop 4200

Band submissions are closed.

Donate via paypal to, select “sending to a friend,” and list your name in the notes of the transaction. That’s it! Since this whole thing is for charity, you are welcome to donate more than the asking price – rest assured, it will go toward our two amazing charity partners.

$40 – weekend
$45 – weekend w/ commemorative PRFBBQ cup
≥ $45 – weekend w/ cup (and kudos forever)

Pre-sale ticket holders will receive the voting survey + list of band submissions. Anybody who picks up a pre-sale ticket before April 4th will be able to see the band submissions and vote on 27 slots by choosing the 27 bands (of the 75 band submissions) they most want to see. We are keeping the band submission list private out of respect to bands who may not want the World Wide Web to know they submitted.

Our charity partners in 2020 are Test Prevention Awareness Network (TPAN) and Chicago HOPES for Kids. After modest expenses are covered, all proceeds will be split 50/50 between those charities.


PRF Thundersnow 2020: Feb. 14-16, 2020

The PRF returns to Terrace Bay in snowy Gladstone, MI for Thundersnow #8!

BANDS: If’n ya wanna play, email

Book your room by calling Terrace Bay at (906) 786-7554.

Catch the fish, clean the fish, eat the fish, DANCE.