PRF Thundersnow 2024 – dates, band submission info

PRF THUNDERSNOW IS BACK—and submissions are now open! Email between now and December 1, 2023 to submit your band!



Standard rooms: $109 + tax
Lakeside rooms & standard suites: $139 + tax
Lakeside suites: $159 + tax
(Rates are per night)

Meal Plan (3 nights of dinners & late night snacks): $125.93 per person ($99 + $19.80 service charge w/tax)


In order to make sure we are getting specialized service and to make sure we are getting the proper group rates, book your room by EMAILING Include:

– Your name
– The type of room you want
– Number of meal plans for the room
– Your phone number

Brenda will either call you back to get your card information, or she can email you an encrypted, secure request for your card info.


– This year Terrace Bay hotel is charging the rooms to your card at the time of reservation, as opposed to previous years, when they charged upon checkout.
– The meal plan includes the buffet-style dinners we have enjoyed in past years, along with the late night snacks. If you are uncomfortable with the buffet and communal eating scenario from previous years, or have specific dietary needs, that is ok! Please decline the meal plan and order directly from the Freshwater Tavern menu, either at the bar or at the restaurant. You can order to-go and take back to your room or whatever is comfortable.
– Meal plans can be added to the rooms as people get added to them (i.e. if you book a room for two people and then add two roommates, you can email back and add them to the room)
– 20-day cancellation policy for the rooms; 10-day cancellation policy for the meal plans, should anyone book and then need to change plans. 

RSVP on facebook here:


So what exactly is PRF Thundersnow, anyway?

Thank you for your interest in PRF Thundersnow! So you might be wondering what the heck this is, and what the hell is the PRF? If you’ve never played a PRF event before, you’ll want to read this to make sure you know what to expect, as this is more a community hang/family reunion type event than your traditional “music festival.”

The PRF (it stands for “Premier Rock Forum” and it’s a dumb inside joke; ask one of us if you’re that curious) is basically a community of friends and like-minded folks who get together a few times a year in various parts of the country to play music for each other, eat food, hug, and hang out. All events are non-profit and any proceeds after cost are donated to charity. Due to the nature of the events (for example, most of the attendees are usually in the bands playing), bands don’t get paid other than via merch sales (fortunately, this crew loves buying merch!). Everyone, band or attendee, pays to attend – again, it’s a community coming together to do wild, wacky stuff in weird settings. Which brings us to PRF Thundersnow!

For eight consecutive Februarys pre-COVID, the PRF family descended on the Terrace Bay Inn & Suites hotel in Gladstone, MI, rented out as many of the rooms as possible (and a few years there spilled over into neighboring hotels), and basically took over the hotel and the ballroom with our loud-ass bands. The hotel would give us a solid rate for booking rooms and dinners for the weekend, and we showed up and did our thing, and it was glorious. Now, after three years of pandemic, we’re going back to do it again!

So, to summarize – this is a community destination event where everyone, bands and attendees, pay for rooms and meals and get together in the dead of Winter to hang out. It’s a LOT of fun – it’s like All Tomorrow’s Parties meets The Shining (so we’ve been told). So if you’re down with that, thank you for throwing your band’s hat into the ring! We’ll be curating the band list over the next couple months and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible as to whether or not your band is being selected.

Another note that the circumstances of THE WORLD demand we address: because COVID is still a thing for the foreseeable future, there will be a COVID policy for the weekend that we’re in the middle of putting together (coming soonish!). But some common sense things we can tell you already: full vaccination will be required, including the new booster. Masking in common areas will be encouraged. We’ll have air filters running in the ballroom all weekend. Bands will be encouraged to bring their own mics if they have them. Stuff like that.

More to come! Thanks for reading, and reach out to us if you have any questions!


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