PRFBBQ 2019 vital info!

This Friday will mark a deadline. The point past which you will not be able to vote on the band ballot for what is (in my humble opinion) the best DIY music event on earth. For a mere $40 donation you can support and/or attend what some have called “the gathering of the huggalos” (hugs optional).

It’s a party and benefit (this year for TPAN and The Long Walk Home) that features food, DJs, beer, fizzy water, friends, music, and hugs (hugs optional). There may even be a literary component.

It’s my favorite weekend of every year.

If you would like to throw in, paypal me a $40-per-pass donation at

If you do it in the next couple of days you will be able to have a say in which bands play (ballot to come!)

If you are part of a musical endeavor that would like to play for a crowd thirsty and enthusiastic music fans, email a submission (link to music or video) to

Again: if you are unfamiliar, YOU ARE WELCOME.
Let me know if you have ANY questions.

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