The Fearsome and Mammoth PRF Auktoberfest 2011 Video Playlist

The three day PRF Auktoberfest 2011 was held Thursday, September 29th at Quenchers Saloon, in Chicago, IL and at the largest Czech restaurant in the United States, Klas Restaurant, in lovely Cicero, IL. 23 bands performed 145 songs running in a little over 10 hours of music. Behold the Fearsome and Mammoth PRF Auktoberfest 2011 Video Playlist where you can watch it all.

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The Fearsome and Mammoth PRFBBQ2011 Video Playlist

On a weekend in June in the year 2011, a group of friends put on a three day music festival in the city of Chicago, and we filmed it all. Behold, the Fearsome and Mammoth PRFBBQ2011 Video Playlist which contains all 179 songs that were performed over the 3 day event running a little over 12 hours of music.

If you don’t want to watch it all in order, head on over to youtube and select RANDOM for the playlist queue. It is highly recommended.

.22 Live at PRFBBQ2010

.22 performs Twain live on the opening night of the PRFBBQ2010 at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago, IL on Thursday, June 10th, 2010. Video courtesy of forum member tommydski.

For more info on .22, please visit .22 Bandcamp.

The Conformists 15th Year Anniversary Show

The Conformists perform live at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago Illinois on Saturday, November 19, 2011 to celebrate their 15th year as a band, and their last with singer Mike Benker. Supporting them on the bill were Spelling Bee and The Columbines. The band also celebrated the events with a show in Saint Louis, Missouri at the Tap Room with Spelling Bee and Airport Elementary School the day before.

For more information on the band, please visit https://theconformists.com/main.html.

Swim Home shot by Thomas Banks

The Whole Set