She Ripped

Valley Boys who decided that education and not rioting and looting was the way forward. Since that momentous decision, they haven’t looked back and have been schooling the Welsh people and beyond with their blend of indie pop and subtle aggression via the lead man Jake Healy. Their music just doesn’t fit an era, culture or subculture – they take what they want from where they want and take you on a ride that is guaranteed to make you think, smile and occasionally cheer. — 2207

She Ripped

She Ripped Live at PRFstival UK 2012

She Ripped recorded live on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at the Bristol County Sports Club in Bristol, United Kingdom as part of the first ever European PRF BBQ, PRFstival UK 2012

For more information on the band, please visit She Ripped Bandcamp and She Ripped Facebook.

PRFSTIVAL UK 2012 Schedule

PRFSTIVAL UK 2012 Live Streaming

Today at 5PM BST (12 Noon CST), the first ever European PRF BBQ kicks off! If you are not already headed to Bristol County Sports Club in Bristol, United Kingdom, fear not. Barring any technical difficulties, the whole event will be streamed live. You can watch all night long at the embed below, or at the PRFstivalUK Livestream page.

For more info, visit the PRFstival UK 2012 Facebook Event.


All Times are BST

PRFSTIVAL UK 2012 Schedule

PRFstival UK 2012 Schedule and Tickets

The first ever PRF UK music festival is happening in two weeks! It will be one day long schedule of live music, but celebrations will be held throughout the weekend for anyone who wants a pint about town and the like.

Festivities are being held at Bristol County Sports Club, 40 Colston Street, Bristol, United Kingdom on Saturday, September 29, 2012. Music starts at 5 PM.

Tickets bought via Paypal and Bank Transfer cost £6 each. Any tickets left over will be on the door at £7. You can purchase PRFstival UK 2012 Tickets here. You can also pledge your social media support by checking out the PRFstival UK 2012 Facebook Event.


Check out this Bandcamp Sampler of the bands that are performing at PRFstival UK 2012:

PRF Singles Club Quarter 2

PRF Singles Club Quarter Two

Lake of Fake PRF Quarter 2 is a six song EP released on 45rpm vinyl. The EP is part of an eight record subscriber only series with 48 bands contributing music. Vinyl Rips were provided by forum member Motorbike Guy.


  • Released 02 June 2011
  • Mastering: Chris Goosman – Baseline Audio
  • Cover Art: “The Past Eats the Future” by Colin Frangos
  • Back: K Hogrefe/A Fine Chaos, Photography by A Reed
  • Obi design: Hench with tweaking and printing by No Time for Love
  • Logo designed by Sleepkid
  • Cover printed by Imprint
  • Insert printed by Enframing Press
  • Records pressed by Dosado.