The Austerity Program

The Austerity Program is a prime example of passion in music. Two men with steady jobs and families who make some of the most original metallic music ever recorded…and it’s always been done completely on their own terms. Every song is a monolithic masterpiece and more heart-wrenching and gut-lurching than bands with twice as many members and ample time. They have no bad songs and have never once relented when it came to insuring that their music gets the treatment it deserves. They are the best live band you could ever hope to see and every second of their pulverizing sound is worth more than the entire recorded output of most other groups attempting to do something similar…and failing. Best band on the planet. Bar none. — Steve V

The Austerity Program Live at PRFBBQNYC2011

The Austerity Program performs live at the Secret Project Robot in NYC as part of the first NYC BBQ, the PRFBBQNYC2011. Recordings and Live Sound by the impeccable Ryan Denmark Steele, Justin Foley, Evan Rowe, Boombats, and motorbike guy.

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MP3 Downloads

  1. 01 – The Austerity Program – PRFBBQNYC2011
  2. 02 – The Austerity Program – PRFBBQNYC2011
  3. 03 – The Austerity Program – PRFBBQNYC2011
  4. 04 – The Austerity Program – PRFBBQNYC2011

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