The Austerity Program Live at PRFBBQNYC2011

The Austerity Program performs live at the Secret Project Robot in NYC as part of the first NYC BBQ, the PRFBBQNYC2011. Recordings and Live Sound by the impeccable Ryan Denmark Steele, Justin Foley, Evan Rowe, Boombats, and motorbike guy.

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MP3 Downloads

  1. 01 – The Austerity Program – PRFBBQNYC2011
  2. 02 – The Austerity Program – PRFBBQNYC2011
  3. 03 – The Austerity Program – PRFBBQNYC2011
  4. 04 – The Austerity Program – PRFBBQNYC2011

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  1. motorbike guy

    Actually, I was behind the board for Grant National, Nonagon, Austerity Program and Bradley’s Kentucky Chrome Revue. I am pleased with the mixes that Ryan posted, except for the KCR, there was just too much going on there. Of course, I had much help from Boombats, Ryan (Bleh) and Justin, among others. It was entirely a group effort.


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