A collection of recordings available online or in physical form from the members of this community.

Caffeinated Recordings Microphone

Top Ten Videos of 2013

We’ve added over 350 videos to the Caffeinated Recordings Youtube Channel, and are currently approaching 200,000 Views. There were a lot of contributors to sound and video this year, so please pass your thanks and gratitude to Jason, Jeff, Rich, Matt, Garth, Chris, Nick, Jeff, Scott P, Scott M, Orion and the rest of the A/V pros that keep our thing going.

Here are the most popular videos, uploaded in 2013. Hope you enjoy.

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Radiant Republic by Mr. King

RADIANT REPUBLIC Three Against Four LP/CD out 10/29/13!

Greetings! Just a friendly reminder that Chicago’s Radiant Republic has a new LP available (with a CD included) called “Three Against Four”. Yes, it is a time signature reference, but has other meanings as well. Anyway, the live band version of Radiant Republic (of Texas) grew out of a performance at the 2011 BBQ at the Observatory and these songs have been in the works since then. It was recorded with Jon San Paolo (badass) at a new studio co-owned by Mike McCutcheon (badass) called Burn the Furniture in February of 2013. We mastered it with Bob Weston (badass) and released it on Sick Room Records owned by Ryan Duncan (badass). Andy Rench (badass) of Blank Banker did the artwork. That’s a lot of badass name droppin’ there!

In all sincerity, this album required a shit ton of effort and money and we did it in a non crowd source-y way, so hopefully you give it a chance. You can order it from Sick Room or buy a digital version from Bandcamp. It’s also available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

RR by Mr King (badass)


Couldn’t You Wait? The Story of SILKWORM

I hate flying.

It’s a terribly irrational fear, I know, but it’s a real one. I usually hold my breath during take-off to stave off the growing tension in my head. Once in the air, my nerves succumb to a general discomfort, and I rectify this by drinking copious amounts of expensive stout bottles of brown liquor while listening to music. I can’t usually focus enough to read or write, so I just close my eyes and devote all my attention to each song as it unfolds, in order to calm myself. A couple years ago, I was in NYC during winter. It was a great trip, but my liver practically hurt to the touch. I was scraped out and diffuse, heading home. There was a long line of planes scheduled for take-off in front of mine, and I saw crews de-icing the wings of the 747 in front of us on the tarmac. We were sitting there for a long time. I imagined frozen turbines coming apart in flight and whether or not I could be trusted to help anyone with their oxygen mask. I started scanning through some songs I’d uploaded to my iPod before I’d left North Carolina.

This was the first time I heard “In the West.”

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PRFBBQ2012 Rock Always Wins

We have put together a free compilation of the bands that are performing at this summer’s PRFBBQ2012 which is being held Thursday, June 27th through Sunday, July 1st, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois

Currently there are 34 songs available for free online streaming, with most of them available for free download also. Check out a preview of what is surely going to be a weekend to remember.