A collection of recordings available online or in physical form from the members of this community.

New Radiant Republic single available to stream/download!

After a successful show at the Observatory BBQ last summer, Radiant Republic (no longer “of Texas”) reconvened and recorded some new songs with Jim & Matte of Caffeinated Recordings (who need little introduction on this site. They basically are this site.) the day after Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun and the songs turned out pretty well, so stream it or download it (for free) while we work on more new stuff this winter.

For those not in-the-know, Radiant Republic of Texas was started in 2002 as the solo project of Brian Pennington (uh, me). After a full-length and 3 EPs, a band was formed and the name was shortened to Radiant Republic to reflect that. Members of the Chicago-based band also play in The Hype (live karaoke band), Faiz Zeppelin, and Lines and Terminals.

Meat Stop by Gabizo

Behold GABIZO! Straight out of Wales, Gabizo rocks the internet like it was a 1987 American basement. Their debut album is a collection of songs with tight hooks, buzzy guitars and bass, and inspired vocals.

The grungy “American Generic Superhero” is one of my favorite tunes (of course along with the so far unreleased “Sports Captain”). Thrashy songs like “mantais annheg” and “someone stole my bike seat” will make you want to break your skateboard out and grind on your desk. It’s a great romp through punk rock as seen through the eyes of a Welshman.

Meat Stop by Gabizo is available in digital download for $5 from their bandcamp page.

Stripwax: Victory and Associates, Track By Track

This article was originally posted on Jeff’s Stripwax weekly blog at Third Coast Digest. Reprinted with permission.

This week, Jeff heads out to Los Angeles to talk up Victory And Associates shiny new elpee These Things Are Facts with two of his favorite little characters, Spike and Blondie.

Victory and Associates’ These Things Are Facts is now available on 180 Gram Colored Vinyl ($15), Compact Disc ($8), and Digital Download ($5) from their bandcamp page. Both physical products come with a digital download of the album.

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Countermeasures by Light Coma

Countermeasures is the first release from Chicago’s Light Coma, recorded by Greg Norman at Studio Greg Studios II. The music is honest, beautiful, and full of buzzy goodness. Brian Orchard’s vocals soar above his fuzzy guitar singing heartfelt lyrics to a tight rhythm section comprised of Ryan Rezvani’s bass, and Jim MacGregor’s drums.

I believe I have seen them every time they have played live, and this album captures them perfectly, starting with it’s slow build on Another Year, through the uptempo rockers New Fi Nam, Remake, and Call The Doctor. This is Gonna Break Your Heart will. This is the Breakdown and Come On are awesome drudge-y rockers which leads us to the farewell, 20 Hours and 2, which, yes, is also going to break your heart.

This album is 8 songs of greatness. Since it’s release last week I have a hard time not listening to it on repeat. Countermeasures is available in digital download ($5) and a limited edition run of 200 hand printed compact disc packages printed at the Bird Machine and assembled by Rohner Press.

Old Scratch, The Debut LP by Trophy Wives

Can you believe that this is the debut full length release from Louisville, Kentucky’s Trophy Wives? These boys have been rocking the the pants off anyone within earshot for years, touring relentlessly with their extremely large and loud amps.

Just released on vinyl ($12), limited run cd-digipak ($10), and digital download, Old Scratch is ready for you. Are you ready for it? Check out this write up by the folks at Latest Flame Records, who say way better than I could.

Old Scratch, the debut full-length from Louisville, Kentucky’s Trophy Wives, draws heavily from its place of origin along the banks of the Ohio River, a locale with a rich musical history that includes indie stalwarts Rodan, Slint, and Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Like the city’s favorite son, Muhammad Ali, the band knows its punches from its poetry, and both are on ample display here.

Playing on the loud-soft dynamics of its forebears but never slipping into the trappings of genre, the band lays a thick and heavy groundwork throughout. Bassist Tony Ash and drummer Geoff Paton provide a raw, edgy backbeat (“Bad Tattoos,” “Taste of Your Medicine”) to Billy Bisig and Elliott Turton’s carefully controlled guitar flights, which give every song a different personality but keep it all in the family.

Bisig’s pop sensibilities shine through in his vocals. His grungy delivery is balanced by melodies and harmonies that wouldn’t be out of step on a Kinks record (“Crooked Cross,” “616”). His lyrics are brooding and escapist, and gain from clever wordplay mixed throughout, as on the syrupy chorus of the otherwise riff-heavy “(You’re Like a) Bad Song.” For the most part though, Bisig’s takes on love, sex, loss and alienation in our connected world are refreshingly earnest.

Ultimately, Old Scratch is the document of a band with surprising range. From the assaulting screams of “Bless You All,” to the slinky bass and guitar lines that introduce “Picture Perfect,” to the silky vocal intro of “616,” Old Scratch introduces a band that you’d regret to overlook. Take the punch and you’ll hear the poetry.

Go to Latest Flame Records to order yourself a copy!