A collection of recordings available online or in physical form from the members of this community.

Maple Stave Long Player One

Durham, North Carolina’ Maple Stave are an enigmatic bunch. Their instrumentals are filled with lush beauty and melodic overtones, while their vocal tracks are filled with angst, a fierce delivery, and a technical expertise that could out math most bands of their genre.

Maple Stave’s first full length release, Long Player One (Like Rain Freezing And Thawing Between Bricks Year After Year, This House Will Come Down.) was released last year after a series of EP’s that were released in the 2000’s. The album is available as a digital download, and in CD Format is one of the nicest hand printed silk screened packages that I have ever seen. Both are $10, so I heartily recommend ordering one of the 200 limited edition CD’s while you still can.

For more info on the band, please visit them at Maple Stave Bandcamp and Maple Stave Facebook.

The United Sons of Toil When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful

Imagine a dusty old library with floor to ceiling Walnut bookshelves spanning as far as the eye can see. Dimly lit table lamps illuminate the faded words on ancient pages of lesson after lesson of human existence. It’s not your average setting for a rock band, but it’s what comes to mind when I think of The United Sons of Toil.

If your favorite history professors from college were into noise rock, they would be into The United Sons of Toil. With songs like “Alcoholism in the Former Soviet Republics”, “The Forced March of Manifest Destiny”, and “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act”, these are not your average rockers. USoT’s music is hard, and often brutal, like the subjects they choose to write about. For fans of the Touch and Go, AmRep, and Dischord record labels, you will at home listening to this band.

The band’s latest release, When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful, is available in digital form (name your price), compact disc ($8), and for a lucky few, on translucent red vinyl ($10 – At the time of posting this article, there were only 35 still available).

Sirs Boo Hoo EP

Chicago rock band Sirs are releasing their first EP tomorrow Saturday, August 20th at the Saki Record Store. Saki is located at 3716 W. Fullerton in the beautiful west side of Chicago, IL. The fun starts at 4 PM with Sidecar Static & Phoenix 68 filling out the bill.

The four song ep is available as a 12″ vinyl record, or a digital download (or both). Here’s the description:

4-Song EP. A disturbed crooner and a loud electric band pile-drive tales of the late capital era into every available earhole. Escape the post-modern refuse pile by burrowing straight down. Don’t dig with your hands; use this slab of 12″ plastic as a tool

Sirs is Tony Jones, and Rob Warmowski, and Andrew Kosinski. Mike Greenlees played drums on the EP.

The PRF Radio Hour – August 13th, 2011

Bradley R. Weissenberger of the rock band .22 hosted an all PRF radio show this passed Saturday, August 13th, 2011 on 106.7 WRHC Radio Harbor Country in Grand Haven, MI from 9 to 11 PM. In addition, the show was streamed live on their website through out the digital land.

While the broadcast, with all it’s wacky comedy bits, and controversial topics of conversation was not saved, Mr. Weissenberger was kind enough to replicate the playlist on this PRF Radio Hour on Bandcamp page. Click through to enjoy a stream of great music.

Century Rocket Building Shift Shift Record Release Show

On the 27th of May, in the year 2011, a group of friends gathered to celebrate the release of the most excellent musical recording Shift, Shift by Century Rocket Building.

Taking part in the night’s festivities in addition to Century Rocket Building was Cmn ineed yr help, .22, and Minutes. Live sound was run, and multitracked by Mr Matt Engstrom.

Click through to watch the videos from the evening.

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