Countermeasures by Light Coma

Countermeasures is the first release from Chicago’s Light Coma, recorded by Greg Norman at Studio Greg Studios II. The music is honest, beautiful, and full of buzzy goodness. Brian Orchard’s vocals soar above his fuzzy guitar singing heartfelt lyrics to a tight rhythm section comprised of Ryan Rezvani’s bass, and Jim MacGregor’s drums.

I believe I have seen them every time they have played live, and this album captures them perfectly, starting with it’s slow build on Another Year, through the uptempo rockers New Fi Nam, Remake, and Call The Doctor. This is Gonna Break Your Heart will. This is the Breakdown and Come On are awesome drudge-y rockers which leads us to the farewell, 20 Hours and 2, which, yes, is also going to break your heart.

This album is 8 songs of greatness. Since it’s release last week I have a hard time not listening to it on repeat. Countermeasures is available in digital download ($5) and a limited edition run of 200 hand printed compact disc packages printed at the Bird Machine and assembled by Rohner Press.

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