Maple Stave Long Player One

Durham, North Carolina’ Maple Stave are an enigmatic bunch. Their instrumentals are filled with lush beauty and melodic overtones, while their vocal tracks are filled with angst, a fierce delivery, and a technical expertise that could out math most bands of their genre.

Maple Stave’s first full length release, Long Player One (Like Rain Freezing And Thawing Between Bricks Year After Year, This House Will Come Down.) was released last year after a series of EP’s that were released in the 2000’s. The album is available as a digital download, and in CD Format is one of the nicest hand printed silk screened packages that I have ever seen. Both are $10, so I heartily recommend ordering one of the 200 limited edition CD’s while you still can.

For more info on the band, please visit them at Maple Stave Bandcamp and Maple Stave Facebook.

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