Risk/Reward Live at PRFBBQNYC2011

Risk/Reward perform live at Secret Project Robot for the first ever PRF BBQ in New York, PRFBBQNYC2011. The crowd cheered for more, but they did not know they were lucky to hear what the heard. These mysterious gentlemen only perform when the moment strikes them, and when the beer is cold. Recordings and Live Sound by the impeccable Ryan Denmark Steele, Justin Foley, Evan Rowe, and Boombats.

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For more info on the band, please visit https://riskreward.bandcamp.com/

MP3 Downloads

  1. Killer – Risk Reward – PRFBBQNYC2011
  2. Breakin’ Hearts – Risk Reward – PRFBBQNYC2011
  3. I Shant Be Released – Risk Reward – PRFBBQNYC2011
  4. In The Sea – Risk Reward – PRFBBQNYC2011
  5. 45 – Risk Reward – PRFBBQNYC2011
  6. House of Cards – Risk Reward – PRFBBQNYC2011

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