Sirs Boo Hoo EP

Chicago rock band Sirs are releasing their first EP tomorrow Saturday, August 20th at the Saki Record Store. Saki is located at 3716 W. Fullerton in the beautiful west side of Chicago, IL. The fun starts at 4 PM with Sidecar Static & Phoenix 68 filling out the bill.

The four song ep is available as a 12″ vinyl record, or a digital download (or both). Here’s the description:

4-Song EP. A disturbed crooner and a loud electric band pile-drive tales of the late capital era into every available earhole. Escape the post-modern refuse pile by burrowing straight down. Don’t dig with your hands; use this slab of 12″ plastic as a tool

Sirs is Tony Jones, and Rob Warmowski, and Andrew Kosinski. Mike Greenlees played drums on the EP.

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